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Ryan McManus

Ryan McManus is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AVE AutoMedia. Ryan leads the vision and strategy at AVE, working at the intersection of connected vehicles and autonomy to develop technology for a world where everyone is a passenger. AVE stands for Autonomous Vehicle Experience - a future vision of transportation that will create a new space and usable time for passengers to be productive (or be entertained). Current and future generations of connected vehicles are creating new opportunities for products, content creators, and brands to compete for your attention. 

Ryan is a marketing-minded innovator that has launched over 45 new products and companies that have been at the leading edge of technology over the last 10 years, including enterprise cloud, native mobile apps, internet of things, and now, connected vehicles. Focused on emerging industries and disruptive technologies, Ryan is passionate about pursuing innovation that changes the way we live and creates a world that is ready for the next generation. 

Ryan is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University with an MBA from The Ohio State University. He contributes thought leadership on the topics of future marketing, connected vehicles, smart cities, and shared transportation at industry events such as CES, LAUNCH, TechStars Startup Week, and GENIVI. You can read Ryan's thoughts on these topics at medium.com/@rynmcmns/ and follow him on twitter @rynmcmns .