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Kimmi Wernli

Kimmi Wernli is the first female owner of one of the oldest natural food companies in America.  When Kimmi assumed the reigns as the second generation owner of her family's historic peanut butter business, she identified ways to take the Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Company to the 21st century by breaking into new markets, creating a clear brand and messaging and tapping into a young savvy audience via social media.

Her family owned both the Krema Products Co. and Crazy Richard's brands, and Wernli decided to merge Krema into the Crazy Richard's brand. She worked tirelessly with her sales team, national grocery store distributors and the marketing team to ensure a smooth transition.

Kimmi established the "Healthy Kids Happy Future" project as a way to follow her passion for supporting families through ongoing charity work and contributions. In 2017, the Health Kids Happy Future project donated over 350,000 servings of peanut butter to children and families in need of a goal to reach 1 million by 2020.