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Donte Woods-Spikes

Independent Consultant
Author, speaker, group facilitator, storyteller, filmmaker, and documentarian

Donte Woods-Spikes is known for various forms of work such as professional speaking which landed him on the TEDx Stage. His TEDx talk titled Young Black Men, Not Left Out Again explores different forms of mentorship he received that helped him learn how to better engage with young Black men. His film, As a Matter of Black, was shown at the international Sundance Film Festival. 

Donte Woods-Spikes has partnered with the Columbus Museum of Art to create the award-winning program Art & Empathy. His first book, So Long: Unfinished Good-byes With The Children of COVID-19 explores the effects the pandemic had on children before and after covid. Donte's overall goal is to educate and connect the world beyond perceptions and stereotypes with authentic experiences storytelling and documentation.