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Brian Slawin

Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Regional Director & Portfolio Manager

Brian Slawin is a recovering entrepreneur who has lived the startup life since his first side hustle after college. From the late nights to the last minute deadlines, from running out of money, to running out of ideas to capturing it all again, Brian says it’s the best thing he’s ever done and he’s glad he doesn’t have to ever do it again!


Because, after exiting his technology startup, he moved to Northwest Pennsylvania to become the portfolio manager at the Ben Franklin Technology PArtners. Now, he gets to work with people interested in taking their company to the next step or even starting their idea from scratch as they innovative in their industry. Describing his as the best job in Pennsylvania, every day, Brian helps to marshal the resources needed to nurture, support and ultimately invest in the most promising startups in Pennsylvania. And, since money comes and money goes, ultimately, the goal of helping those entrepreneurs is to grow their idea into a full-fledged company employing a few or a few thousand people.

In short, Brian supports the vision entrepreneurs have and believes in the power that comes with passion and commitment. Plus, as he tells everyone, he’s fortunate to have found an entire region of people to work with and invest in, all who are looking at their future and thinking “I’d like to give that a try”.

Follow @benfrankbrian on Twitter and keep up to date with his entrepreneurial adventures as he finds, mentors, and invests in startup technology and small manufacturing companies.